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The Impact of Color Psychology in the Workplace


Color can drastically affect your emotions, mood, and productivity. Take great care when picking colors for your work place or home office. The thoughts below are one viewpoint on popular colors used in the workplace. Depending on your cultural background and personal taste, your relationship and response to certain colors will vary. Don't be afraid to experiment with new colors -  a space can always be easily, quickly, and affordably repainted when you have Stamp Paints at your service.

  1. White is a popular color for those looking for a clean, fresh start. Think twice before using it widely in your workspace or home office. Productivity, creativity and accuracy levels statistically diminish in dominantly white rooms because of the sterile nature of those spaces.
  2. Red is a stimulating, powerful color. Use it in spaces where you want focus and motivation.
  3. Yellow is a warm, energetic color. It is also a color that grabs attention and can escalate frustration and anger. If you choose to use yellow, pick your shade and placement carefully. Consider using it in a hallway where you want to showcase important photos and artwork or make a bold statement.
  4. Orange is also an energetic color that grabs your attention. It stimulates enthusiasm and fun. Consider painting a break room orange, especially if you employee individuals with task-oriented jobs who need refreshing stimulation.
  5. Green is the color of innovation. It is known to boost creativity and promote harmony and balance. Paint offices and shared desk spaces green, especially if entrepreneurship and ingenuity are paramount to your business success. 
  6. Blue is another great color for offices employing creatives. The color is calming and induces feelings of trust. Communication and efficiency statistically increase in blue spaces. Consider painting your conference room blue to enhance brainstorming sessions and staff meetings.
  7. Gray is a neutral color, but it lacks energy. If you live in an area where the clouds are out more than the sun, use gray in moderation and offset it with a bright color or two. If your space lacks windows and natural light, avoid using gray as much as possible.

Thank you for reading. We welcome your thoughts and feedback and the opportunity to update the white or gray walls in your office! Happy painting!