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Five Reasons to Own a 5-in-1 Tool


Every painter - professional or homespun - needs good tools. We recommend you invest in a 5-in-1 tool for your personal tool box. If the photo above doesn't convince you, we bet one of the five reasons below will!

  1. It's durable. You could likely run over it with your car without damaging it... though we don't recommend it since it might pop your tire!
  2. It's cheap. For a $10 investment you can get the same functionality that would cost you $75+ in other tools.
  3. It's convenient. Save room on your tool belt and always have the right tool within arms length.
  4. It's versatile. One tool can scrape paint, open cans, clean roller brushes and wall corners, spread putty, hammer or remove nails, and more!
  5. It's available. You support local and buy it at Mayer Paint and Hardware

If you're also looking for a way to open your beer, the 10-in-1 tool might be even better for you!

Happy painting!