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Paint for Impact


When updating your home, you often need to prioritize the job scope to meet your budget. After you decide if updates are to wow your guests or create a more tranquil environment for yourself, it is time to create your wish list.

If your main motivator is to impress your guests and neighbors, consider these seven strategies:

  1. Update your outdated cabinets with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware.
    • New cabinets are expensive. You can purchase a gallon of high-quality trim paint for less than $60. We suggest using Benjamin Moore Advance in satin or semigloss.
  2. Add an accent wall in a main gathering place.
    • Do you have an area in your home to which you want to draw attention? You can add elegance and highlight a fireplace, bookshelf, television, etc. by simply painting one wall. It is recommended to have neutral, subtle colors on the other walls in that room. Not sure what paint color to use? If you hire us, we can color match the wall paint to your favorite throw pillow, painting, rug, or other accessory using a Color Muse.
  3. Make your front door a focal point with a pop of color.
    • Do you secretly wish the exterior of your home resembled the Hollyhock House in Chautauqua, NY? Updating your front door with a fun color will add curb appeal. It can also be easily, quickly, and affordably changed when you're ready for something new. Or, if you have a beautiful wooden door like we do, opt to buy a print of the Hollyhock House by Thelma Winters. Ours hangs in the "creative room."
  4. Paint the foundation around your home to create a more cohesive look.
    • Did you have a feeling your current home was the one for you when you pulled in the driveway the first time? Honor the architecture that drew you in and sealed the deal by brightening up faded trim. Many homeowners leave their foundation the natural color of the brick, cinder block, or stone; adding a complimentary paint color will tie together the various design elements of your home. Many homeowners prefer to leave exterior painting to professionals who will ensure proper preparation and techniques are used so paint will stand the test of time and weathering. Your time is valuable; if you opt for DIY, focus on your prep work, give your primer and paint adequate time to dry between coats, and invest in high-quality products made for exterior use.
  5. Freshen up the trim and ceiling paint inside your home.
    • Do you think your ceilings and trim are white? If you haven't painted in a few years, chances are the white has yellowed or become dingy. When painting ceilings, you can get away with using cheaper paint. We recommend a flat sheen. When painting trim, we suggest using a satin or semi-gloss sheen and investing in a higher-quality product like Benjamin Moore Advance. If your trim has lots of blemishes, opt for the satin sheen as it is less shiny and will not draw as much attention to the imperfections.
  6. Change the paint colors in a small room, like the office that doubles as a guest bedroom.
    • When taking on a large room like a living room, you need more time, paint, and finesse. You want the details and quality of the work to be pristine in rooms where you spend most of your time and host your guests. If you want to experiment with a new look or take a hand at DIY,  start with a smaller room that you do not frequent. If you mess up or don't like the color scheme, it will cost less to purchase new paints - and you can always close the door while you find time to try again or hire a professional. 
  7. Solve mold, mildew, rusting and other chronic issues by using the right products the first time.
    • Do you find yourself painting your bathroom or basement every year to hide repeat issues? If you properly prep your surfaces and full prime walls and ceilings in issue-prone rooms with a product like Zinsser Gardz, problem spots will be sealed. You can also use Zinsser B-I-N to spot prime areas like wood knots, rust bleeds, ink marks, etc. When painting rooms prone to high humidity (like bathrooms with showers), ask your local paint supplier to add mildewcide to the paint. If you are painting in a lighter color, we suggest using Zinsser Perma-White.
    • If you are removing wallpaper, Gardz can also be used to seal in any residual wallpaper glue. It is important to full prime these areas. We use Zinsser DIF and a Paper Tiger scoring tool for removal. Wallpaper is often tricky; if you run into issues, we suggest you consult your local paint supplier, like Mayer Paint & Hardware, to trouble shoot or call Stamp Paints to do the job for you. Never paint over wallpaper!

Stamp Paints welcomes the chance to help you update your home.